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Discover The Stupid Little Technique Flaws That Are Keeping You From Hitting Your Next PR And Exactly How To Fix Them

You'll also learn:

1.  Perfect technique from a Jr. Olympic National Champion.  If anyone can help you fix your lifts... it's Justin Thacker

2.  How to lift more weight, faster and look damn good doing it.  Weightlifting is pretty sexy when done well

3.  The exact step by step warmup  Justin uses to take his athletes to national and international competitions

4.  How to get rid of your round back once and for all.  A few simple drills and exercises can hook you up!

5.  A little known way to keep yourself from dropping the bar in front of you.  This one is not what you'd expect.

6.  The one squat you absolute HAVE TO DO  no matter what.

7.  How often you should be hitting a PR  or you're doing something wrong

8.  Which is more important for you...  strength? or technique?

9.  How to train around injuries.. veryone gets injured from time to time... learn how to keep getting better while you heal up

10. How wide to grip on the bar  for cleans, jerks and snatches

11. How far apart your feet should be for both pulling and receiving (and/or "jumping and landing")

12. How to get better leverage on the bar to make it FEEL LIGHTER

13. The exact positions you need to hit for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd pulls to guarantee that you don't miss the lift and drop the bar

14. What the top weightlifting programs from around the world do and don't have in common. It's the similarities that make them successful

15. How to snatch so damn well that hitting 1.5 times your bodyweight doesn't seem impossible anymore. Seriously, it's possible

About the Author
-Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian
-Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physical   Performance
-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
-ACSM Certified Health Fitness Instructor
-USA Weightlifting Level 2
-NASM CES Corrective Exercise Specialist
-Biosignature Level 2 Practitioner
-Crossfit Level 1 Certified
-Parillo Performance Certified Personal Trainer
-Over 30,000 hours working in the field since 1999   & HUNDREDS of success stories!
-Saint Louis University, St, Louis, MO
-Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
-Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
-Masters in Nutrition and Physical Performance
-Snatch: 142.5 kg (313.5 lbs)
-Clean and Jerk: 180 kg (396lbs)
-Deadlift (sumo): 405 lbs x 19 reps at 181 lb   bodyweight
-Deadlift (clean grip): 625 x 1 at 190 lb   bodyweight
-Straight Legged Deadlift: 500 lbs x 5 reps at   195 lb bodyweight
-Clean and Jerk (training): 390.5 lbs at 187 lb   bodyweight
-Snatch (competition): 297lbs at 187 lb   bodyweight
-Power Squat: 550 lbs at 181 lb bodyweight   (knee wraps and belt)
-Olympic Squat: 550x 1 @ 200lbs, 462 x 5 reps   at 187 lb bodyweight (no belt, no wraps, no   suit)
-1/4 Squat: 980 @ 187lbs
-Log Press: 300 x 1 @ 200lbs
-Stone Load: 330 @ 200lbs
-Bench Press: 1 Million Pounds!
-Front Squat: 440x 1 @ 200 lbs, 418 lbs x 2 reps   at 187 lbs
-Have competed in over 100 Olympic   Weightlifting, Strongman, & Powerlifting   competitions since the mid 1990s.
-Olympic Weightlifting National & International   Resume: National level competitor since 1998.   Earned over 30 National & International   medals.
-2010 Silver medalist at National   Championships in the 94kg Class (Snatch-   Silver, C&J-Bronze, Total-Silver)
-2007 Collegiate Nationals Bronze (total)
-2005 Collegiate Nationals Silver Medalist   (total), Bronze (snatch), Silver (clean & jerk)
-2004 Collegiate All-American
-2005 Arnold Classic Weightlifting   Championships 85 kg Gold medalist
-2004 Collegiate Nationals Silver (snatch), Silver (clean & jerk), Bronze (total)
-2003 Bronze medalist at 23 & Under National   Championships (total)
-2002 American Open Silver medalist (total),   Silver (snatch), Silver (clean & jerk)
-2001 Bronze medalist at the U.S. Nationals   2001 (total)
-2001 (1) Silver and (2) Bronze medalist at Junior   Pan Am Game
-2001 USA Junior National Champion, Gold   (snatch), Gold (clean & jerk), Gold (total)
-2000 AAU Junior Olympics Silver Medalist
-1999 AAU Junior Olympic National Champion
-1998 AAU Junior Olympic Bronze Medalist
-Junior National & Junior Olympic National   champion
-National Teams: USA team member for the   Guatemala Cup in Guatemala, USA team   member for the Criollo Cup in Puerto Rico,   Junior Pan AM Team
-Olympic Trials Qualifier 2004
-Personal coaches: Pat Hayes, Derrick Crass   (84, 88 Olympian), Dr. Mike Wittmer, Istvan   Javorek

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